How Cynet Supercharges Lean IT Security Teams

Cynet puts your cybersecurity on autopilot by automating your incident response and adding enhanced layers of visibility and protection with a range of tools. It’s not about your team’s size or budget – it’s about what your organization needs. 

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Why buy multiple non-communicative systems when you can get XDR, automated response, and MDR
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How Cynet Works

The Cynet 360 XDR platform offers natively end-to-end protection, detection, and prevention across your endpoints, network, devices, and user activities, along with fully automated response and 24/7 MDR support in a single package. Learn more about how Cynet supercharges your defenses. 

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See Us in Action: How Becker’s Lean IT
Sec Ops Got Supercharged

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Cynet, the Trusted Sidekick for Lean IT Sec Teams

Running a Lean IT Sec team of superheroes?

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